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Understand Your Health

Dr. Tina Stashko

Naturopathic Doctor Tina Stashko is offering a comprehensive, individualized preventative healthcare checkup for those seeking to make positive adjustments to
their diet and lifestyle so they can enjoy their healthiest future.

The check-up includes detailed information about food and beverage selections and their effect on overall health. Iridology can reveal inherited health strengths and weaknesses allowing the ability to change health for the better. Sclerology is a systems status indicator that may reveal potential physical and emotional health concerns.

Biochemical balancing and bioenergetic systems scanning are used to identify fungi, molds, chemicals and other potential health inhibitors are also included. Hormone testing and hair tissue mineral analysis can also be added to the analysis based on the clients concerns.

“What is beneficial for one person can be damaging to another”, states Stashko. “This individualized analysis is popular with clients moving into midlife as they seek to adjust their life-style to achieve a higher quality of life.”

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