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Surviving Cancer Against all Odds

An inspiring and powerful book study group of New York Times bestseller Radical Remission, by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., will be facilitated by Certified Cancer Coach Judi Venturini, MS Ed, from 6:30 to 8:30 Mondays, beginning September 8 through November 3, at Twin Ponds Integrated Health Center.

This event will benefit cancer patients, caregivers, holistic practitioners, medical staff and anyone with a life-altering disease. Turner says, “Radical Remission is filled with hope, science and possibilities. Dr. Turner dared to ask this question: ‘Why do some patients get better from seemingly incurable illnesses?’ After interviewing over 1,000 people who had radical remissions from cancer, Dr. Turner found that there were nine common characteristics among these people, who had remarkable stories.”

628 Twin Ponds Road, Breinigsville. Cost is $20/week. To preregister, call 610-395-3355.

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