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Advanced DMX Analysis for Chronic Pain

Many times after auto accidents or a personal injury, the root cause of pain that persists may not be fully understood, because traditional X-ray technology only sees the body in a still position. Dr. Mark Losagio, owner of Losagio Chiropractic, in Bethlehem, now offers a revolutionary Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) that can analyze biomechanics and the human body in motion.

This unique technology allows injuries and misalignments to be detected as a patient is in motion and can pinpoint the causative effect in real time as pain is experienced. This information is vital to treating the root cause of the pain rather than masking with pain killing and anti-inflammatory drugs. Dr. Losagio views the resulting video with the patient to diagnose the source of pain and makes recommendations for treatment to align and adjust the body to eliminate the source of pain without medication or surgery.

Location: 1220 Illicks Mill Rd., Bethlehem. To schedule a consultation, call 610-865-8155 or visit

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