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Innovative Facial Treatment at Bellezza Salon and Spa

Bellezza Salon and Spa in Allentown has partnered with GUNA Biotherapeutics to offer an exclusive service featuring innovative, low-dose cytokine therapy—the GUNA Anti-Age Cytokine Facial. This patented method for rejuvenating skin is less invasive and more cost-effective when paired with the GUNA facial. For a limited time, this 75-minute special offer will be priced at $99.

Using growth factors as a cosmetic has the ability to mediate repair in the aging process and increase dermal collagen. In this unique facial, a collagen-based cream enriched with growth factors is applied to the face.

The GUNA facial provides antioxidant protection, stimulates circulation and regenerates repair of the skin. This technique also helps repair skin imperfections, wrinkles, skin tone and elasticity, as well as other components to improve the skin’s resistance to sun damage while repairing and sculpting the skin and complexion.

Location: 2000 Oxford Dr., Allentown, PA. Call 610-797-1750 to make an appointment. See ad, page 51.

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