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Kazlouski Introducing Visceral Manipulation

Andrei Kazlouski

Andrei Kazlouski, LMT, NCTMB, BCSI, is offering new visceral manipulation bodywork service. Viscera is a cumulative term for the liver, kidneys, intestines and other internal organs, which can lose their natural normal mobility due to physical trauma, surgery, lifestyle, infection, pollution, diet, posture, pregnancy and other overtaxing experiences.

When an organ is restricted or fixed to another structure, the body is forced to compensate, creating abnormal points of tension. Frequently overlooked and left untreated, visceral restrictions can cause functional and structural problems throughout the body.

This gentle, manual therapy aids the body's ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain or dysfunction as a result of whiplash and seatbelt injuries, spinal dysfunction, lower back pain and sciatica, headaches and migraines, chronic pelvic pain, postoperative scar tissue pain and more. Many people experience significant improvement within three to five therapy sessions.

Cost is $85 for one-hour session, Appointments are offered in Whitehall, PA. Call 484-695-8265 or email [email protected]. See ad, page 56.

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