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Free introduction to Effortless Meditation Stress Relief

Greg Schweitzer

Greg Schweitzer, a meditation teacher of 38 years who has taught Dr. Wayne Dyer and George Harrison, will provide four free, one-and-a-half-hour introductory classes on Effortless Meditation, at 7 p.m., August 5; 9 a.m., August 8; 7:45 p.m., August 19; and 9 a.m., August 22, at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center. The entire course comprises 10 hours of instruction.

Effortless Meditation is natural medicine and an antidote for the stress response. It has been scientifically validated by extensive research and recommended by physicians. During the practice, students experience a level of rest deeper than sleep. Helene Leonetti, M.D., of Allentown states that Effortless Meditation exponentially impacts healing, and has recommended it to hundreds of her patients in the Lehigh Valley.

Cost is $20. Location: 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA. For more information and to preregister, call 610-395- 3355 or visit

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