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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Mountain Retreat Engages the I AM

The I AM center, a place to explore psychological process, creativity and spirituality, presents an Inner Politic workshop from October 2 to 4. Participants will be creatively exploring the inner life we all experience inside our heads. Facilitators Jack Walters and Fred Strugatz, active since 1981 at the center they co-founded on 90 acres in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania will lead the workshop.

The “inner other” echoes past messages that get stuck in our head—the repressed child is sad, angry and lonely, hiding the ally child, whose job is to go along with old systems; and the adult we are in the present, with all our experience and knowledge.

This experiential workshop focuses on differentiating these voices and coming to terms with how the “inner other” rules over us and how to banish its grip; learning to nurture the children parts and heal past trauma so we can be the adult in fullness, purpose and clarity.

Cost is $495, deposit of $200 required to register; includes sessions, healthy food and lodging. For more information, call 570-363-2808, email [email protected] or visit and Facebook.

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