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Radiant Heart Qigong

Jeremy Harlow

Greenshire Arts Consortium will be hosting monthly Radiant Heart Qigong workshops beginning October 3. Jeremy Harlow, of Dances with Spirit, brings his expertise to Greenshire to teach mind/ body methods of self-development, including qigong, tai ji quan and body-centered meditation.

The benefits of qigong include organically healing and transforming old wounds, increasing physical health and vitality, attaining emotional balance, mental clarity and increasing access to our inherent spiritual potential. His signature program is designed to cover many aspects of qigong training, including physical, energetic and spiritual practices, culminating in the opening and activation of one’s radiant heart center. It is taught in the basic qigong meditation stance and can be easily modified to be practiced sitting in a chair.

Along with the qigong workshops, Harlow will also be offering Biodynamic CranioSacral Healing bodywork. One of the main goals for this type of healing work is to release old wounds, memories and patterns, while encouraging one’s natural radiance to shine through.

Location: 3620 Sterner Mill Rd., Quakertown. To register, call 215-538-0976 or visit

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