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Dr. Conrad Maulfair

Season one of Answers Instead of Prescriptions videos, featuring Dr. Conrad Maulfair, DO, of Orefield, are now available online at The Podcasts provide more than 40 years of treating patients with conservative, natural protocols without side effects or further injury to the body.

Maulfair states, “We practice medicine minimizing the use of toxic drugs and surgeries where possible. Our medical treatments are based on rebuilding your immune system and helping your body heal naturally. The podcasts are way to explain our philosophy and methodologies in a way that you can learn at your convenience, with your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home”

The eight podcasts include alternative medical philosophy, the gut and autoimmune diseases, drug side effects, the truth about cholesterol, chelation therapy, toxic metals and a double feature; answers instead of prescriptions.

All podcasts are free and no code or reservation is required. Maulfair Medical Center is located at 2970 Corporate Ct, Ste. 1, Orefield, PA. For more information, call 610-682-2104 or visit See ad, page 10.

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