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Sprouted Grains from Pennsylvania Bakery

Feb 29, 2016 12:24PM

Columbia County Bread & Granola, an independent bakery based in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, makes small, craft batches of flax and sprouted wheat products made with organic wheat grown by sustainable farmers whose first concern is the health of their soil. Their products include breads, pitas, flatbreads and 15 varieties of flax granola that contain no wheat flour, no oats, no added sugars and no genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Live, sprouted grains offer nutrients that are absorbed immediately into the body and not lost in the digestive process, and the enzymes aid digestion of other foods. “If you’re looking to avoid breads made with dead grain, then ‘organic’ no longer offers any guarantee, as new harvesting techniques that may still be organic are killing the grain in the fields,” states funder Douglas Michael. “This is true of most wheat- or gluten-free based breads. What we guarantee is that our products are made with viable, healthful enzymes contained in the live sprouts.”

To purchase products directly, visit Retailers are invited to call 914-419-0736. See ad, page 27.

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