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Life Balance and Healthy Living

Hakim Salim M. Khan

World-renowned healer and Unani Tibb practitioner Hakim Salim Khan will conduct two days of alternative and complementary medicine seminars in Allentown. The two courses will offer a unique opportunity to learn time-tested natural methods that improve health, well-being and life balance. Part one of the program will be conducted on April 2 and 3 and will introduce Tibb, focusing primarily on the theory of the science. Part two will be conducted from April 4 to 7 and discusses life balance and healthy living. Part one is a prerequisite for taking part two.

The event is sponsored by Al-Maqasid, with a vision to facilitate the realization of faith, Islamic worship and character, as well as to cultivate holistic learning environments rooted in knowledge, devotion and service by providing community programs devoted to purification of the hear; and channeling our God-given abilities to service.

The Unani Tibb tradition is based on Greco-Arab medicine founded by Hippocrates and further developed within the Islamic empire by Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars. The basis views come from a bio-pyscho-social perspective regarding the unique expression of health for each person. The focus is holistic centered, promoting health beyond the mere absence of disease by creating an awareness of prevention through nutrition, diet and exercise.

Kahn is principal of the College of Medicine and Healing Arts, in Leicester, UK. Trained in alternative and complementary medicine, herbal medicine and osteopathy, as well as iridology and nutrition, his holistic and person-centered approach is based on a unique person-centered approach to facilitate a state of balance and harmony in his patients. He takes much care in ensuring that his methods are: safe, effective and natural.

To register, visit For more information, call Pari at 610-739-7076. See ad, page 14.

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