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Hope for Men with Prostate Cancer

M.A. Gonzalez, MD

The AgeWell Wellness Center, in Bethlehem is dedicated to healthy aging, offering men with low-grade prostate cancer on active surveillance a program that can slow down and possibly arrest Prostate-specific antigen rise and cancer progression. The center uses immunomodulation, lifestyle changes and bioidentical hormone replacement to strengthen the immune system and improve the lives of prostate cancer patients.

“Any cancer diagnosis is scary,” states founder Dr. M. A. Gonzalez. “But for men, a cancer prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating because our society expects men to be strong and overcome all illness. I myself was diagnosed over seven years ago, and after the initial shock I set about on a quest to learn all I could about natural approaches to the disease. I used these protocols rather than having surgery, and I can say that I am healthier now than I was when I first started my journey. A diagnosis of prostate cancer does not have to be frightening.”

Call 610-868-4010 for a consultation. Location: 65 E. Elizabeth Ave., Ste. 208, Bethlehem. See ad page 11.

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