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Lymph Drainage for Optimum Health

Veronica August, BA, MM, LMT, CMLDT, is offering manual lymph drainage (MLD) services for a cost of $90 per session at the holistic Bellewood Wellness Center in Pattenburg, New Jersey. August states, “Even the NFL is adding it to the training room to help in its concussion treatment. It was discovered only a year ago in June 2015 that the brain has a lymph system!”

The goal of MLD is to get fluids flowing throughout the body, either because they have become blocked due to surgery, trauma or improper development. MLD is especially effective in the recovery from surgery where lymph vessels have been damaged or removed.

August says that MLD increases the speed of lymph flow 10 to 12 times, boosting the body's cleansing processes and immunological response. The lymph system is the body's link to the immune system. Lymph is packed with specialized white blood cells, and MLD helps eradicate foreign bodies or invaders such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

Location: Exit 11, I-78. For more information, call 908-713- 6700 or visit See ad page 59.

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