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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

John of God Crystal Light Therapy in the Lehigh Valley

Maria Isabel Ponte, owner of Lehigh Valley Spiritual Healing, is offering John of God crystal light therapy bed sessions. The technique combines the healing powers of quartz crystals and color therapy for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Using seven clear and highly polished Vogel-cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table, it is said to work by removing energy blocks in the body and rebalancing the seven chakras.

The FDA has not approved the therapy for any specific conditions, but, there have been anecdotal reports of personal healing on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level submitted daily throughout the world.

Ponte traveled to Brazil in 2014 to meet "John of God" in Brazil, which inspired her to become certified in reiki and Magnified Healing, acting as a light worker to help people achieve growth in the spiritual world.

For more information. call 484-695-8695 or visit LehighValley See ad page 31.