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Find Direction with the Zyto Compass

Individuals can use the innovative ZYTO Compass scan to discover specific individual health information at Herbs to Your Success, in Nazareth. The scan utilizes proprietary software and galvanic skin response (GSR) technology to provide helpful information when making wellness decisions. During the scan, GSR measurements are taken before and after the Compass software introduces a virtual item. Each virtual item represents a different physical object such as a nutritional supplement or an essential oil. In the software, the body’s natural responses are tracked, analyzed and ranked.

“Are your health products doing what you hoped for?” asks owner Vanessa Sabatine. “Let the Zyto compass give your body a second opinion. We recently got an upgraded version of the Compass Scanner. With this advanced report, we can get a deeper analysis to give further support and guidance on your health goals. At the end of the scan, you will receive a personalized report displaying a ranking of the virtual items that resulted in greater biological coherence.”

Location: 64 S. Main St., Nazareth. For more information, call 610-365-8996. See ad page 35.

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