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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Wayne Dyer Book Study

Feb 26, 2017 03:09PM

Jim Skelton, MDiv, MEd, will facilitate a Sunday Table Talk on behalf of the Institute For Learning In Retirement at 10 a.m., March 12, in Alcove C of the Tompkins College Center at Cedar Crest College, in Allentown. The group will discuss the book Wisdom of the Ages, by the late Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous Zones and Pulling Your Own Strings, in which he delves into the teachings of intellectuals of the past to mine values and wisdom for the present.

Dyer sets out to explain the meaning and context of each piece of wisdom and explain how we can actively apply these teachings to our modern lives. From 60 ancestral masters – Buddha, Michelangelo, Rumi, Whitman, Jesus, Emily Dickinson and Emerson, among others – there are treasured passages on a variety of subjects, including solitude, time and passion.

To register, call 610-606-4666, ext. 3381. For more information, call 215-679-6051.

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