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HELO LX Health Band Wearable Health Tech

The HELO LX Health band, made from hypoallergenic PE in five colors, is a revolutionary personal health monitoring wrist device powered by Toshiba with ECG/EKG capability that monitors the user’s vital signs. The wearable SOS Alert and WeCare Panic Button features including an automatic call or text to loved ones to signal a problem and provide GPS coordinates of the wearer.

Real-time health monitoring and disease prediction can be worn 24/7, and it is not limited to physical data. HELO contains active sensors, minerals and stones that directly interact with the human body, recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG. Should a value fall outside the healthy range, the user will receive a warning. Reports can be accessed from a smart phone. Colored bands are also sold separately

The Helo LX includes optional mineral additions including germanium, a natural antioxidant. It has the same active ingredients that can be found in fungi and plants such as ginseng, aloe or garlic. It reduces stress, re-equilibrates negative ions, improves blood circulation and water molecules in the blood, reduces stress and balances body ions.

For more information, call Terry Schmeltzle at 610-392-7765. To learn what Fox Philly had to say about the technology visit

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