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Climate Change Guide and Calculator Available for Schools

The Alliance for Sustainable Communities– Lehigh Valley is providing a free school Greenhouse gas calculator and instruction guide as a teaching tool for interdisciplinary instruction about climate and sustainability. By measuring a school’s emissions, students learn about the complexity and interrelatedness of climate change and the role of greenhouse gases.

“It’s important for schools to be leaders in raising community awareness of global warming and climate change”’ states ASC Alliance member Peter Crownfield, who coordinated the project. “The purpose of this guide is to help teachers find ways to integrate climate and sustainability concepts in their classrooms that will enrich and enhance the classes and help meet learning goals.”

The guide includes what science says about the causes of global warming; how schools and communities can best address sustainability and climate change; how students, faculty, staff and parents can stay aware of global warming emissions generated by schools; and how teaching climate and sustainability can help achieve standards.

“Sustainability concepts are inherently complex and well-served by interdisciplinary approaches, so we also include ideas on how that could work. Equally important, it’s essential that these topics be covered in core subjects in which all students participate, not just environmental science or other elective courses,” says Crownfield.

For more information, email Peter at [email protected] or visit

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