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The Art Of Touch to Address Pain

Lee Noonan, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist Lee Noonan brings over 35 years of healing therapies to clients seeking to find the underlying cause of pain, whether acute or chronic. Her services encompass many therapies including deep tissue massage, energy balancing, lymph drainage, homeopathy, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, magnet therapy, and scar tissue release.

Release of scar tissue is a powerful tool in any rehabilitation. Whether the scar is the result of a trauma or surgery, the healing tissue often adheres to adjacent tissue, causing contraction and/or restrictions. Scar tissue release technique is relatively painless, since it moves the restrictions into ease instead of opposition.

“Skillful therapeutic massage is mostly detective work”, states Noonan. “The ‘art of touch’ is extremely effective and offers lasting solutions for many acute or chronic problems. Don't forget the value of massage therapy as a preventive to help alleviate stresses before they cause problems. As always, you should first consult a physician to determine the diagnosis and treatment options.

For appointments in the Lehigh Valley, call 917-656-5523 or email [email protected].

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