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Try a Traditional Approach for Relieving Pain Naturally

Traditional Chinese practitioner Kim Ng, Founder of Kim’s Healing Center in Easton has developed several herbal pain relief products using Evodia (traditionally known in China as Chia La). The herb can be used in a solution to soak affected parts of the body or in a formulated creams and lotions. Additionally, Kim’s offers heating pads which can be heated in a microwave and held on a painful spot on the body to give relief.

The Evodia products help calm and ease pain from arthritic joints such as knees, feet and hips; sciatica nerve, lower back, shoulder, and neck pain; headaches, Achillles tendonitis, bone spurs, carpal tunnel, neuropathy and scar tissue.

“In China, pain is first addressed using herbs and acupressure massage before turning to prescription medications, states Ng. “Many times, the pain can be reduced or eliminated by restoring blood flow and circulation to the injury. This is the conservative approach that does not result in side effects or dependence on medication.”

During the month of December, Kim’s Healing Center is offering 10 one-hour acupressure massage gift certificates for $400 which includes a free one-hour acupressure gift certificate for a new client. Location: 1223 Butler St, Easton. Call 610-559-7280.

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