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Learn to be a Certified Nutritionist

Dec 29, 2017 01:26PM

Dian Freeman MA, MHHC

Dian’s Wellness Simplified is off ering a 12-week nutritional certification prep course beginning in April and meeting twice per month on Sundays or Thursdays in Morristown, New Jersey. Th e course covers the required books needed to take the American Association of Nutritional Consultants Exam, which is required to obtain a Certifi ed Holistic Health Counselor (CHHC).

Dian Freeman, who lectures nationally at conferences and holistic gatherings, teaches how to regain good health by using food, supplements and drugless holistic practices. Her certified holistic health counselor certifi cate program has been taught to more than 600 graduate students to help them in their own practices.

“More people are realizing how much nutrition affects their health and they are turning to holistic counselors to help them personalize their diet and supplementation protocols,” says Freeman who has a private nutritional consultation practice is currently working on her doctorate at Drew University. Th ecourse also covers how to make sense of the contradictions offered by numerous nutritional approaches, how to practice nutrition, the business of counseling, body systems and their nutritional needs, muscle testing and traditional symptomology, and functional nutrition and blood type diets, as well as an overview of various complementary modalities.

To reserve a spot in a free sample class or to submit an application for the course, call 973- 267-4816 or visit

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