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January Savings for Colon Hydrotherapy

Dec 29, 2017 01:26PM

The holidays are filled with delicious goodies, but they can leave you feeling less then jolly. A colonic can help you get back on track with a cleansed digestive system. Healing Hands Massage Therapy Center in Downtown Bethlehem is offering a $90 colon hydrotherapy session during the month of January.

Colon hydrotherapy is a cleansing detoxifi cation protocol that clears the large intestine of accumulated toxins and undigested waste and dilutes the toxic load to the body’s eliminative organs (skin, lymph, lungs, kidneys and bowels). Hydrotherapy can reduce bloating, spur weight loss, increase nutrient absorption and provide increased energy levels. Colon hydrotherapy is also FDA approved for colonoscopy and endoscopy preparation.

Healing Hands is a full service holistic wellness center established in 1997 with 6 treatment rooms and a stress free, peaceful environment free of chemical smells from hair and nail services. They offer over 15 different massage modalities from 21 licensed massage therapists. Same day scheduling for massage is usually available.

Location 518 Main Street, Bethlehem. Call 610-882-4325 or visit

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