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Cell Health Technology Consultation

Sherry Wachter

The health of the body’s cells is the determining factor of the health of the body. Pathways Holistic Center, in Emmaus, is offering a complimentary consultation on a new breakthrough home health technology during the month of March. The award-winning, non-invasive, U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered medical device for home use has been proven to improve cell health, blood flow and circulation. It was developed under a cooperation agreement with NASA. The easy-to-use device, used just 16 minutes per day, encourages increased oxygen and nutrient absorption of cells and tissue, while improving the natural detoxification processes of the cells.

“Our circulatory systems distribute hormones, immune cells and other signaling molecules, which is fundamental for all metabolic processes,” states Pathways Founder Sherry Wachter. “Poor circulation causes cells to drown in their own waste, which leads to disease. Improving blood flow by driving microvessel function and circulation improves oxygenation which can help with many chronic conditions and speed healing of injury. The device reduces joint discomfort, lowers blood sugar, increases cardiac function, promotes increased energy and mental acuity.”

Location: 4833 Chestnut St., Emmaus. Calling 610-966-7001 for more information.

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