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Natural Performance Enhancement in Easton

Coach Nick

Naturopathic Doctor and strength coach Nicholas Theodorou, of Nutritional Technologies, in Easton, specializes in glutathione enhancement with Immunocal. He is offering a $40 comprehensive health and five-point fitness evaluation and analysis during May that includes wholesome diets, prudent exercise, proper use of supplements, sleep and reducing stress. The program is also available to athletes looking for natural performance enhancement.

Immunocal is a unique, specially prepared and globally recognized natural whey protein, proven to support overall health, wellness and performance. Its key benefits are maintaining a strong immune system, building antibodies and increasing muscle strength, endurance and performance.

Theodorou achieved a 570-pound deadlift at age 53 and advised Lucy Tyler, who won a bronze medal in the Points Race at the 1996 games, and Giddeon Massie, who made two Olympic Track Cycling teams in the2004 and 2008 Olympics, on their gym strength training workouts and conducted nutritional supplement support programs to maximize strength building and recovery from their intense, three-per-day workouts.

For appointments, call 610 258-1894. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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