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Walk for Fibromyalgia

After chronic pain forced changes to his life, Jason Schutz, a husband, father and business owner, decided to fight back. “Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt. Add in having the flu. Now make it 10 times more intense and across your whole body. Now imagine that feeling never goes away because there is no cure. That is what it is like to live with fibromyalgia,” Schutz told a local audience about fibromyalgia (FM).

With a severe shortage of pain specialists, Schutz is organizing a Together Walk in Macungie on May 12th for locals to learn from national experts and ask questions about FM. Patients, caregivers, family members, and health providers are encouraged to attend.

Guest speakers to include, Doctor Heather Strencosky, founder of Comprehensive Chiropractic, PC, helping people with fibromyalgia restore their strength and health naturally. As well as Richelle Troutman, RN, BSN, with 26 years in the medical field, Troutman understand fibromyalgia as a nurse and a patient.

Location: Hills at Lockbridge Community Building, 7125 Scenic View Dr, Macungie. Register for the walk at More information can be found at

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