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Microblading Available at Sato Salon Organics

Microblading eyebrow technique is available at Sato Salon Organics, in Allentown, with lash technician and microblading brow artist Kelly Fitzpatrick. During a 15 to 20 minute consultation, Fitzpatrick reviews procedural questions, preparations and discusses any possible contraindications for the service. This visit is suggested at a minimum of two weeks’ prior to the scheduled procedure.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic applied by hand to eyebrows creating a hair strokes effect. A natural result is achieved by following the growth of the hair. The pigment is bladed superficially just below the epidermis and the shallowest part of the dermis making it semi-permanent, which is different from a traditional permanent tattoo. Shape is personalized by using a disposable eyebrow ruler to draw on the desired shape prior to procedure. Color is decided upon based on skin tone and desired brow shade. 

Fitzpatrick was trained at Irina Chen’s school of World Microblading, located out of Monica, CA, USA.

Location: 3136 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown. For more information, and to make an appointment, call 484-894-6348 or visit

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