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Dead Sea Salt Has Cosmetic Benefits

SeaLand Cosmetics is located in Lehigh Valley. It develops, manufactures and sells skin and hair care products with Dead Sea salt. The high minerals content of Dead Sea salt is beneficial for improving skin hydration, reducing inflammation, cleansing the skin and detoxifying the body.

SeaLand Cosmetics acquired 4 Patents for skin formulations, they were clinically tested and dermatologist approved to assure their uniqueness and safety use.

The Natural Scalp lotion with Castor oil, Face Cream with Shea Butter, Body Lotion with Organic Coconut oil, and Aluminum-Free Roll-on Deodorant are products examples that worked well with people to help with dry skin symptoms such as itching, redness and scaling.

In 2013, Noha Hakim, an analytical and cosmetic chemist, spent a long time researching and developing a product that would help a family member suffering from Psoriasis. She created a simple natural remedy with the salt from the Dead Sea that alleviated her family member’s Psoriasis. Hakim decided to make it her mission to create natural formulations to help more people and founded SeaLand Cosmetics LLC, in 2015. “Your skin, my care” affirms Hakim.

A team of analysts work with Hakim who were trained on Good Manufacturing Practices ensures that guidelines and requirements enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are followed at all times.

Products are available for purchase by visiting For more information, email [email protected].

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