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HOPE Provides Concussion Recovery Protocol

HOPE Laser Institute, with locations in Easton and Newtown, helps professional, college and high school athletes experience quicker, more thorough recoveries from concussions and injuries. As the only facility in the Lehigh Valley to offer a viable treatment for concussion other than rest, HOPE combines their trademarked Muscle Recovery (MR) therapy techniques and patent-pending concussion protocol, Photobiomodulation, to help eliminate swelling and the long-term cumulative effects of concussion. The technique and protocol assist athletes in healing more completely, with less injury-site weakness, faster healing time, less pain and decreased scar tissue formation.

“Athletes are usually restricted from participating in their sport for at least two weeks after symptoms subside. Our protocol can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 24 hours,” says Tonie Chicchi, co-founder. “Our protocol helps athletes return to their sport with less health risk and long-term damage. Secure the health and mental wellness of your young athletes as they develop their athletic skills and progress into the next stages of their lives.”

Free consultations for athletic professionals and parents. Locations: 3600 Nicholas St., Easton, and 258 S. State St., #2, Newtown. For more information, call 610-438-1765 or visit

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