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Kneaded Soul Therapy Offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Jessica Stefano

Kneaded Soul Therapy, LLC, in Allentown, specializes in manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD). This massage technique is a gentle rhythmic motion intended to increase the flow of lymph and redirect the drainage of excess fluid from the body. The spa is currently offering a discount of $25 on three treatments, $55 on five or $120 on 10 treatments.

The lymphatic system is a network of lymph vessels and organs. Its function is to destroy pathogens and filter waste so it can be eliminated from the body. The lymph system also supports the immune system by delivering nutrients, oxygen and hormones from the blood to the cells throughout the rest of the body. MLD relieves post-surgical edema, removes toxins and alleviates inflammation. To achieve optimal results, consecutive treatments are recommended. Guests are typically fully clothed for their treatment. 

Jessica Stefano is a massage therapist from the Lehigh Valley who has gained experience by working at spas, high-end resorts, wellness centers and with chiropractors. She received her certification in the Vodder style form of lymphatic drainage in 2017 from The MLD Institute International and is currently continuing her education and training in the lymphatic system. Those who have benefited from her work include athletes, chronic pain sufferers, those looking for aid in their post-surgical recovery and post pregnancy. She also uses her knowledge of Shiatsu, neuromuscular therapy, cupping and Gua Sha to assist those who seek overall wellness. 

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