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Healthy Aging with SomadermTM Gel

A few months ago, Rachel Sue Ritz celebrated her 70th birthday. At that time, she asked herself, “how do I want to age and what do I want to do with the rest of my life?” As an RN of nearly 50 years, the answer was easy. She wanted to age in a healthy way, to continue to help people and have an income that increases over time.

Within a few days, a doctor and nurse friend contacted Rachael and her husband/business partner Alan and introduced them to Somaderm™ gel. Somaderm™ gel is the first and only homeopathic human-growth hormone (HGH) product on the market that is absorbed through the skin. The gel also contains homeopathic thyroid and adrenal support.

The aging process begins when HGH levels begin to decrease, which can start as early as our late 20s. Somaderm™ HGH gel may improve sleep, mood, energy level, skin texture, hair, nails, libido, decrease body fat and more. When Rachel saw the potential for better health and a way to help people while increasing her income, she said “sign us up.” Since then, she and Alan are feeling better by the day. Their retail customers and business partners have grown tremendously.

“Our business is successful because the HGH gel is a fabulous product, we care about our customers and we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers and business partners with all of the support, education and coaching they need to be successful,” says Rachel. “Join the team today and Happy Gellin.”

For more information, call Rachel at 610-797-3919, email [email protected] or visit or

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