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Wellness Sessions at HOPE Laser Institute Combat Winter Illness

Nov 30, 2018 01:50AM

Winter is quickly approaching and it is time to prep our bodies to combat winter colds, flu and the winter blues. Stocking up on Vitamin C and echinacea is a good idea and there is another preventative step individuals can add to their arsenal to wage a pre-emptive strike on the immune system. HOPE Laser Institute is offering core wellness sessions. Each session will increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and lessen overall body pain and discomfort. New research shows that this method increases immunological function, along with oxygen and ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), a vital compound for our cells to function, repair and reproduce new cells when needed. HOPE Laser Institute is known for their work with athletic injuries and neurological conditions, such as autism, stroke and concussion. The institute has also developed treatment plans to assist in overall wellness.

Keeping our bodies healthy in a time when we are faced with multiple assaults daily is a difficult task. We combat the effects of stress, environmental pollutants in the air and water, poor food choices and the lack of nutritional value in the foods we do eat. All of these factors are breaking down our immune system, leaving us more susceptible to new and more aggressive viruses and bacteria. HOPE’S full-body laser beds can give the body the added boost it needs to help get through winter healthier and happier. HOPE’S Core Wellness sessions are painless, non-invasive and have no known side effects in over 50 years of use. Gift certificates are available and make an excellent holiday present.

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