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Walking with the Wild Inside You

The popular model of care in U.S. does not look at the root cause of illness. Rather, the solutions come from a place of finding a cure and, in the meantime, masking symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s form of communication. When we get acid indigestion and throw an antacid in our mouth, we’re not addressing why we’re having digestive disharmony in the first place. The digestive system is the first place our body speaks to us and can signal a need to address the beginning of illness. We need healthy digestion in order to support all the other functions in the body.

Holistic models of care consider the whole person. Ayurveda, specifically, supports the whole person’s life, including the body, mind, senses and soul. By placing the power of health back into the individual’s hands, we are helping them make the best decisions for their nature. In fact, nature is at the heart of what Ayurveda is all about: the nature inside and outside of us. Inside, each person is a moving force of nature’s elements manifesting through our tissues, mind and movements. Outside, nature’s seasons can magnify the nature inside of us and present in the form of joint pain, heat intolerance, inertia or overwhelming to-do lists that never get done. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it recognizes each person’s true nature and gives them the direction to let the light of their soul shine through in everything they do. This enables each individual to follow his or her duty or dharma and be the best person they can be.

Licensed Massage Therapist Hillery Woods Siatkowski, of Roots & Wings Facilitating Healing, says, “If your medicine cabinet is full of bottles that aren’t helping you feel better, consider seeking the guidance of an Ayurveda lifestyle consultation and start knowing how to work with the wild inside you.”

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