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Crystal Singing Bowls for Healing

Anthony Wojnar

Anthony V. Wojnar, DD, RMT, owner of Life Holistic Center, in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, states, “Vibration occurs when anything moves rhythmically, from the smallest subatomic particle to the entire universe. Sound is a specific kind of vibration, normally associated with what can be heard, or perceived through conduction through skin and bone.  Healing with sound is part of vibrational medicine.”  

Crystal singing bowls produce specific vibrations based on their chemical composition, crystal structure and manufacturing steps. Specific bowls can be selected to restore balance to an organ or organ system by finding the frequency that resonates best with it.  

Life Holistic Center offers private appointments for those interested in finding the bowls that resonate best with them. They are also a distributor for Crystal Tones, the world premier manufacturer of crystal singing bowls, based in Nevada.  

“The classic bowls are the least expensive, yet are still 99.99 percent pure quartz. There is also a product called Alchemy Bowls, which are bowls that are doped with a rare element,” says Wojnar.  

For more information, call 570-706-6680, mail [email protected] or visit

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