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Quakertown Shop Offers Enzyme Deficiency Test

Jan 30, 2019 02:11AM

To Your Health Natural Foods, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, is offering customized nutrition and supplement plans for customers. Interested parties need to answer a few questions (provided below) and bring their results to Dr. Jon, who will review the results and offer a personal remedy.

Step one:
Question one: Circle the appropriate letter in each section: In which category is your favorite food? (If you could eat anything)?
L. Rich, spicy foods
P. Proteins (meat)

C. Dairy

Question two:
Which foods are most likely to produce symptoms of poor digestion (occasional indigestion, gas and bloating)? If no foods bother you, don’t circle any letter.
A. Carbohydrates (vegetables, breads, pastas and sweets)
L. Rich, spicy foods
P. Proteins (meat)

C. Dairy

Question three:
Circle the appropriate letter next to any issue you may have or have had.
A. Seasonal sensitivities
A. Occasional diarrhea
A. Occasional gas and bloating
C. Phenol intolerance
C. Dairy intolerance
C. Wheat or gluten intolerance
L. Difficulty losing weight
L. Dry skin
L. Gallbladder stress
L. Occasional constipation
L. Imbalanced cholesterol and triglycerides
L. Poor circulation
P. Uncomfortable yeast (yeast infection)
P. Lowered immune response
P. Fatigue

P. Occasional heartburn

Step two: Record the letter you circled in sections 1 and 2 for section 3. Record the letter you circled the most times.

Interpreting results:

Three of one letter suggests a dominant enzyme deficiency. Two of one letter and one of another letter suggests the possibility of two enzyme deficiencies. If one of the letters is A or C, you have a combination deficiency.

A different letter in each section suggests you have a combination deficiency.

Location: 212 N. West End Blvd. For more information, call 215-538-3480.

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