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Uncovering the Power of the Voice with YogaVoice

The composition of our voice collects energy from everything, positive or negative ,that has happened to us. Trauma can impact the voice physically, resulting in manifestations of difficulty projecting, hoarseness, polyps and more. Yet, the most common symptom affecting so many at this time are a fear and inability to stand up for one’s self. Fortunately, if trauma can reduce the functionality and instill fear around using the voice, correcting and uncovering the power of our unique voice can positively impact the negative perceptions in the other direction. In short: when we work on healing the voice, we are healing your entire energy system.        

The YogaVoice practice, founded by Mark Moliterno, combines chakra theory, systematic vocal technique and yoga asanas to help anyone improve and heal the voice. This practice is taught by a small collection of skilled certified YogaVoice teachers across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia.        

Just this year “YogaVoice With Matt” launched on YouTube and demonstrates the practice in action with specialized techniques for singers, public speakers and anyone wishing to uncover authenticity and power in their voices. The same teacher, Matthew Asti (CYVT, CYT) teaches individual lessons and holds group YogaVoice workshops every month.  

Location: Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, Breinigsville, PA. For more information, contact Matthew Asti at [email protected] or visit

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