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Healing with Color Therapy

Feb 28, 2019 01:44AM

Dr. Jon A. Holznagel

The concept of healing with color will be new to many people but it is an ancient therapeutic technique that is now being revived. By dividing the sun’s ray into its seven-color pallet as they occur in the rainbow, we can use each of these colors for healing and, in some cases, an overdose of these colors can cause adverse effects (macular degeneration and the blues).                

There are many ways to use color for healing. We can introduce the color into our environment with painted walls, paintings, cloth hangings, flowers or objects in the room of the desired color, or wear clothing in the color we need. If there is a problem on a particular area of the body, wearing colored clothes that cover that area can help.        

Red light is particularly potent in stimulating blood circulation and the nervous system. The caveat to overexposure of red light is the application of blue light to calm, as well as to lower or reduce elevated blood pressure or an over-excited nervous system.        

Eating or drinking colored foods and liquids. Water can be charged with specific colors under colored filtered lamps or a stained-glass panel reflecting natural light through a sunny window to charge our water with a desired light frequency. Expose the liquid for one to three hours. The longer exposure, the stronger the effect on the body.  

Source: Dr. Jon A. Holznagel, owner of To Your Health Natural Foods, in Quakertown, PA, and For more information, visit

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