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Effective Life Change Deal with Structural Issues

Janet Hegarty

The house looked perfect, newly remodeled from top to bottom. But one photo showed a bulging exterior wall. And the real estate listing confirmed “certain structural issues” had not been addressed during the remodel.  

“This example can be a bit of a metaphor for our lives,” says practitioner of Christian Science healing and international speaker Janet Hegarty. “To find lasting peace and even physical healing, we have to go deeper than just managing surface symptoms. We have to address the structural issues.”

Hegarty continues, “Like a building needs a strong foundation, we can find a secure life foundation by discovering the unfailing source of our being. This source is the one, all-good God--Life and Love itself, the very Principle of everything real and good.”

Hegarty will give a talk exploring this fresh perspective of God titled, “How to Make Change for the Better,” Sunday, April 28th at 2 PM at Cedar Crest College, 1 Oberkotter Hall, 100 College Dr., Allentown, PA.  Her ideas come from the Bible and are practiced in a prayer-based method of healing called Christian Science. Hegarty will share her own experiences that illustrate effective change, like being cured of an allergy and recovering from a sudden career derailment.

Hegarty travels from her home base of St. Louis, MO, to talk with audiences as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Janet Hegarty is available for interviews. Contact: Linda Anderson, [email protected] or 610-282-2313.

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