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Do You have a Hormonal Imbalance? Stressed? It can affect your Hormones.

You might think you are managing your overworked, overscheduled life. However, research shows your body internalizes the stress which comes in different forms and degrees. There are chronic stressors such as chronic pain or chronic disease states and emotional stressors. Stress events can either be an extreme one-time event, such as a car accident, or continual chronic and emotional stress from everyday life. The adrenal glands are important to help the body deal with stress.

When the adrenals are in balance they produce cortisol and DHEA which help us through our daily routine. Adrenal hormones impact other important processes of the body such as the immune system, sugar regulation, inflammation and insulin levels. They also play a major role in our sex drive, stamina, sleep, bone and muscle building.

Once the adrenal glands become overtaxed through excess or chronic stress they produce less cortisol. Some signs of this are less energy, difficulty sleeping through the night, increased belly fat, sickness, inflammation, increased allergy symptoms, muscle and joint pain.

Long term effects of excessive stress cause adrenal hormones to fluctuate which may increase blood sugar and insulin imbalance, resulting in food cravings, weight gain, and sleep disturbances. So yes, your overworked, overscheduled life is affecting how you feel!

Salivary Hormone testing will help identify this imbalance. You can then work with your healthcare professional to customize a plan which may include compounded hormones and supplements.

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