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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Centre

In 2011, Lehigh Valley Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Centre was going gangbusters, with Ming ming and David Molony working long hours to keep up with their practice. The store next door closed and they saw an opportunity to expand and bring further recognition to what Oriental Medicine can do. Qi Spa (pronounced chee Spa) was created… a facility for therapeutic and stress release massage and health therapies (Dave’s idea), combined with individually-focused, health-enhancing beauty treatments (Ming’s idea). The first year was spent building a beautiful space with the help of a bevy of skilled craftsmen, including Woodsmith Brian Slocum, who made the front desk, and Bill, who created the handmade sink that your mind sort of falls into. Then there is an expanse of creativity by tile artist Nate Breiniger, and Monet-like lilies by Valerie Haaf. The spa is a work of art in itself.

The entryway is a tile wave going into a room of light with art and tile art on the floors and walls complemented by a front desk continuing the wave theme, then a beautiful natural granite tea bar and a waiting room like a living room. On the other side of the building are the manicure and pedicure stations.

Entering the massage grotto, are individualized massage, waxing and facial rooms and a private relaxation space. Clients can relax with a Vitamin D light bed and a Far Infrared sauna big enough for four. Spaces are individually tiled, including the bathrooms with a filtered water shower. The room for seaweed wraps and other forms of wet massage is an explosion of tilework like a mountainside with a waterfall that cascades into a lake under your feet. The couple’s massage room is large and private, with a unique floor like you’ve never seen.

Combine the artistic environment that envelops you with the artwork of our beauty and massage providers. Their hands will make you feel alive, peaceful, and beautiful. We use natural products and treatment styles for all skin types with our chief focus being your well-being, internal calmness and external beauty. We also cater to private parties by employers, bridal parties, and for groups of friends.

Ming Ming combines her work with acupuncture facelifts and high quality facials, a process that requires hours of relaxation and shows immediate improvement. Imagine preparing for a special occasion by relaxing from the inside out and the outside in, combined with skin rehydration, or setting up a few sessions for more permanent effects without the expense and dangers of surgery.

Come visit us, for your own good!

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