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Progesterone : Do you know all it does for you?

Progesterone is a hormone we all have – men and women. It’s an important component in healthy bones, hair, balanced mood, regulated anxiety and the ability to sleep.

It is often used in Hormone Replacement Therapy and, paired with estradiol, can reduce symptoms of hot flashes and mood swings, and it may increase bone density. Additionally, the estradiol-progesterone ratio may be a key factor in effectively treating mood disorders in women. It has been shown that progesterone may also be a primary factor in mid-life anxiety patterns. Progesterone has a calming effect - a deficiency can lead to anxiety. PMS and postpartum depression can occur from a dip in progesterone levels. This could be the cause if you are not feeling like yourself any more.

Progesterone also has beneficial effects on a woman’s uterus. It has positive effects on bone health, hot flashes and mood disorders. If you had a hysterectomy, it is still extremely beneficial for you to balance your hormones. In fact, the combination of progesterone with estradiol has a greater effect on bone density after your hysterectomy in addition to improving mood, sleep issues and stabilizing hot flashes.

Physicians and pharmacists can develop custom-made solutions; everyone’s need is unique. Talk to your hormone replacement therapy specialist today about checking your progesterone levels – it is simple and pain-free!

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