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It’s Time to Celebrate Our Sun Again! : 108 “Solstice Sun” Salutations and More

Throughout the ages, many cultures have celebrated the Sun, even on a daily basis. Their languages may have been different, their customs unique and their understandings highly individualized, but their inspiration has always been the same Sun. This shining orb of golden light in the sky warms us on a cool day, powers the flowers and trees and other plants around us, stimulates our ability to produce vitamin D3 and provides stunning sunsets and rainbows.

Taking a moment to settle into a deep reflection on the everyday gifts of the Sun helps us to connect to a source of light that is always shining, always giving of itself and never asking for anything in return. All this as it consumes its own finite energy to provide our planet with light, heat and a prime example of selfless, yet magnanimous, service.

On Saturday, June 22nd, join us for 108 “Solstice Sun” Salutations beginning at 10:08am at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center. There will be a high-noon fire ceremony to release heaviness and call in blessings, followed by a free pot-luck community picnic lunch. Later that day, after a 2-5pm Solstice Despacho Ceremony, we will dance the setting sun down on the Ecstatic Dance floor 7pm-9pm.

$33 per event, $55 for 2 or $75 for the day (4 events). For IMPORTANT information and to REGISTER BY 6/15, call or text Shamanic Solutions at 970-317-0118 or visit

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