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In ancient medicine, andrographis is considered the king of bitter herbs, and today forms the basis of holistic health practices. Herbs are founded in wisdom that heals, transforms and brings balance to the body. Some of these are: andrographis, ashwanganda, holy basil, St. John’s wort, cardamom, cumin, turmeric, amalaki and triphala.

Andrographis protects the liver, strengthens the immune defenses, stops viruses and resistant bacteria, prevents tumors and cell damage, soothes digestive disorders, lowers pain, inflammation, arthritis symptoms, supports energy and resilience, and protects heart and arteries. With the growth of traditional medicine we discovered more about the process of how herbs work. Only the leaves of andrographis are used because they are an excellent source of a variety of compounds, including one of the most valuable and best researched - Andrographolide.

Andrographolide has a bitter taste known as the “king of the bitters” in medicinal teas. Andrographolide is anti-inflammatory for people with rheumatoid arthritis, anti-tumor against a variety of cancers, antiviral against herpes simplex virus #1, and antibacterial against drug-resistant staphylococcus aureus, to name a few of its abilities. Andrographolide is so well-regarded, pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with synthetic versions.

My advice is to make sure that the andrographis you add to your regimen delivers 80% Andrographolide. With the purchase of your Terry Naturally andrographis 80%, you receive a free book by Alex Panossian, PhD. Jon Holznagel, PhD.

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