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Body Intelligence: A Way of Knowing and Doing

Our “Body Intelligence” functions in everything we do. The body and mind work together on how we do things like brushing our teeth, talking, creating great art, moving, and communicating. We can engage our “Body Intelligence” to improve these functions.

“Body Intelligence” works at our most basic body-brain link, which is neuro-muscular. It can be engaged with tools of simple physical exercises to handle stress, improve physical practices (yoga, sports, dance, etc.), prevent injury and improve coordination.

Moreover, our behavior stems from the physical as well as the mental. We can also use “Body Intelligence” to understand our behavior or another’s behavior, such as the style or way of communicating, walking and moving. It is central to awareness and creativity. This is why we have different styles of learning, art, and even culture. Even our Jungian personality type and movement type are linked together in how we do things; for instance, for a Thinking mode there is a Shape action-quality, for a Feeling Mode there is a Swing action-quality.

Do you want to improve how you do things? Based on research by kinesiologists Josephine Rathbone and Valerie Hunt (on this neuromuscular link of body-brain), Coordination Patterns™ and Dynamics Training was created by Betsy Wetzig to engage “Body Intelligence”. It turns our natural neuromuscular body-brain patterns into tools to move, know and do better.

Call Betsy Wetzig 610-398-9652 for classes, private sessions, and workshops at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville. See ad, back cover.

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