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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Breathe Easy with Essential Oils

Five years ago, my Zumba instructor, Alex, gave me some essential oils to help me get through her 50-minute class because I was having “seasonal issues”. I danced – felt great – and soon I went to an oils class she was teaching. I dove in head first, learning about Young Living™ essential oils, oil blends and oil-infused products – all healthier choices for my family because of their non-toxic ingredients!

Essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful, produced from steam distillation of plants, cold pressed from the rind of citrus fruits or tapped resin from trees. Historically, oils have been used for every purpose, and referenced many times in the Bible.

As the mom and lead shopper (and let’s face it, the cleaning lady, too), I am now making healthier choices for my family. Essential oils and other Young Living products that have better ingredients and no harsh chemicals have become our “go-to” products for whatever we need. Whether it’s skin care, supplements, shampoo, makeup, support for various body systems, or even household cleaning, we use Young Living products.

You, too, can do better for your family. I’d love to help you learn about the many ways essential oils can transform your life! Dive in. Lean more. Get to know Young Living and breathe easy, like I did!

To learn about incorporating oils into your life, contact Sue Sampson, Independent Distributor, at 610-297-0442 or [email protected]. She teaches classes regularly at Twin Ponds Center, Breinigsville.