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Stress Less with Essential Oils

Balancing the stress of everyday life can be challenging, whether it’s from work, relationships, parenting, or caring for elders.  Essential oils can help!  Applied topically, oils enter the bloodstream in just 26 seconds.  Inhaled, in just 3 seconds they can reach the heart, liver and thyroid.

Did you know our sense of smell directly stimulates the limbic system of the brain, the emotional control center?  Have you smelled something and suddenly recalled an experience, place, people and feelings?  Plant oils can have a similar impact, allowing a release of emotions, helping us find balance.

There are hundreds of essential oils and oil blends from the plants, flowers and trees of our earth.  They have incredible aromas that can have a profound impact on our emotions and mood, providing stress release.  Stress Away™ blend in a roll-on bottle, which incorporates vanilla, ocotea, copaiba, cedarwood, lavender and lime, helps me on my 45-minute daily commute in highway traffic.  It’s an oil I wear as a fragrance, instead of a synthetic perfume.  At work I diffuse orange oil, which lifts my mood and inspires my day.

Who wouldn’t benefit from navigating through life with less stress?  Self-care and practicing a healthy lifestyle with essential oils can help us deal with the day-to-day emotions that cause stress, resulting in better health!

To learn about incorporating Therapeutic Grade Oils into your life, call, text, or email Sue Sampson, Independent Distributor, at 610-297-0442 or [email protected].  She teaches classes regularly at Twin Ponds Center, Breinigsville.




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