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Water’s Pollution Solution

A growing body of evidence indicates that water participates in cellular communication; water is a carrier of signals. When the signals contain life force energy, as delivered in structured water, they contribute to harmony and balance in our bodies. However, pollution, disinfectants, fluoride and pharmaceuticals common in today’s water, burden it with dense vibrations that reduce its ability to carry the finely tuned signals necessary for life. Even when water is traditionally filtered/purified, it can still carry dense vibratory information from pollutants. When cells begin to vibrate disharmoniously, your body can begin a descent into imbalance and disease.

Water receptors in our cells are “tuned” to receive highly energized, structured water. When water vibrates at lower frequencies, it is not admitted through the cell membrane. This sensitive mechanism protects cells from vibratory pollution, but it also contributes to dehydration. Coincidentally, it is difficult for our bodies to vibrate at a high frequency when consuming water that is full of discordant energy. It’s like trying to send light through muddy water.

With a PlocherKat whole house water revitalization unit, previous memories of toxic pollutants are erased from water and a lower frequency discordant energy is cleared. By releasing vibratory pollution and returning water’s life force via resonance, tap water is restored to a healthier state where hydration for you and your pets is not compromised. Consuming Plocher treated structured water carries purposeful information to every cell each time you drink, paving the way for a more vibrant, vital life.

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