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Ionic Foot Cleanse Detox

Discounted Introductory Treatments Available

Detoxification is a buzz word you hear on a regular basis in the alternative healthcare community. There are many ways to incorporate detoxification into your regular healthcare routine. At Associated Chiropractic and Konnections Massage, we recommend Ionic Foot Cleanse Detoxification as part of a holistic healthcare regimen to address your detoxification needs.

Our bodies encounter toxins in various forms as we go through our day-to-day existence. Many of us don’t even realize the “heavy load” of toxins the body is forced to tolerate: polluted air, ingestion of pesticides in produce, synthetic food dyes, sugars and preservatives in processed foods, heavy metals, chemotherapy, chemicals in our detergents and cleaning supplies and many more environmental toxins!  It is no wonder we are left feeling depleted of energy and vitality. Many of our chronic illnesses and diseases are the result of the body’s inability to effectively detoxify enough of these toxins from our systems. It is a wise practice to incorporate regular detoxification programs into your daily routine in order to assist your body in maintaining good health. We offer such programs; Ionic Foot Cleansing is a very effective one.

In Ionic Foot Cleansing a patient sits in a comfortable chair and immerses their feet in a warm tub of salted water. A device called an array is inserted in the water. It emits a very low electrical current which enters into the feet through hundreds of pores. It stimulates the body’s organs to begin releasing the toxins that are stored in the cells of the organs. These toxins are then released back into the tub of water or eliminated through the body’s natural urine/bowel elimination over the course of the next 24-48 hours. Patients regularly report an increase in energy, a reduction of food cravings, improved sleep and an overall feeling of better health. Initially, treatments are most effective when done repetitively for about 6 treatments over the span of 2 weeks. Patients typically continue to receive maintenance treatments every three to four weeks.

Contact Kathy at Associated Chiropractic & Konnections Massage to schedule your discounted introductory treatments to detoxify your body with Ionic Foot Cleansing at 610-266-6111.