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Artificially alkaline water – why not?

Water with a high pH does not necessarily equate to healthy water.

Water ionizers use electrolysis to produce two streams of water - acidic and alkaline.  Alkaline ionized water carries the positively-charged mineral ions, while acidic water holds the negatively-charged ions.  Nowhere in nature does this happen, and no plant or animal organism is set up to utilize only the positively-charged alkaline ions.  There can be consequences with long-term consumption of alkaline water.  Alkalosis occurs when a body is too alkaline and the free calcium in blood starts to bind with protein.  The National Institutes of Health reports light-headedness and confusion are common symptoms of alkalosis.  Other symptoms include muscular weakness, myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle spasms and tremors. 

Nature is about balance - not extremes.  For daily long-term use, structured water is the best choice as it is naturally what our bodies are designed for consuming.  Structured water emulates water flowing from mountains, gathering life force energy and minerals from the earth, rather than tinkering with chemistry.  The water is alive, smooth, clean and fresh.  It satisfies the thirst, tastes good and is properly pH balanced.  An excellent choice for water structuring/revitalization is a PlocherKat unit from Germany, successfully used in Europe since 1986.  A one-time purchase that actually lasts forever, its effect is continuous and maintenance free (the only moving part is the water), with no energy consumption.  You cannot become overly alkaline when drinking naturally structured water.


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