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Opening Fear

Many times, we feel “stuck'.  If you truly have the courage to look at what is present, often it’s fear needing to be opened and excavated.  

In the teachings of “the new age” when something uncomfortable arose, we were to change it into something good or positive.  Now we’ve learned that’s not useful as we’re exploring who we really are.  All emotions are to be welcomed, especially the fears.  

As we embrace the fears, karma begins to dissolve along with the ancestral threads through it.  This is why the fear seems insurmountable… we avoid working with it.  It's usually the resistance to fear rather than facing the actual reality of what’s present that inhibits our deep, contemplative work.  

On an intuitive, cellular level, we know change will occur and although we often need it, our physical and energetic forms require familiar patterning to continue survival strategies.  If you start to rephrase what the fear really is rather than allowing the sabotage to govern, you will likely see unfounded reasons and ancient tribal beliefs surrounding it.  Enter with curiosity and simply show up for your “self”.  This energy wants to be noticed and finally witnessed as the profoundly intense unmet feelings of your young soul.  Be gentle.  Validate and acknowledge what you feel.  

There are many reasons why this energy exists and we must do our inner excavation.  Profound lessons and deeper personal growth are often hidden within fears.      

Diane DuPre’ Intuitive Energy Healer - Call for appointment 484-719-2560. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center 

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