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Allergies: A Look at What Is Going on In Our Body

Allergies are an immune balance disorder.  In allergic pathologies, Th2 immune cells (T2 helper Lymphocytes) are overexpressed and more active compared to the other family of immune cells, Th1 (T1 helper Lymphocytes).  Immunologists call such imbalance the “Th1/Th2 switch”.  This immune alteration is the real cause of allergic symptoms.

Imagine the immune system as a scale with two plates - Th1 cells on one plate and Th2 cells on the other.  In physiological conditions, the two plates are in balance.  When there is a prevalence of Th2 cells, the plate “weighs” more than the plate with Th1, thus the patient is allergic.

Th1 - Th2 balance also implies a reduced expression of E Immunoglobulins, the cause of allergic symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, rhinorrhea, hyper lachrymation, cough, struggling to breathe, rash and itch.

GUNA-ALLERGY PREV and GUNA-ALLERGY T work by helping correct the immune system alterations which are at the base of allergies. 

GUNA-ALLERGY PREV contains homeopathic ingredients that restore balance and are used to reduce and control various allergic symptoms (respiratory and dermatologic).

Take 20 drops twice a day before meals for at least two months.  For the greatest impact you can begin using a few weeks before the allergy season. 

GUNA-ALLERGY T contains homeopathic ingredients that are specific against allergic respiratory symptoms (allergic rhinitis, allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, allergic asthma).  

Take 20 drops twice a day before meals when symptoms appear.  As a shock therapy, take 10 drops every 30 minutes for 2 hours.

GUNA-ALLERGY T can be used with GUNA-ALLERGY PREV if your allergic symptoms are mainly respiratory.

Located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Guna, Inc. is a licensed U.S. distributor focused on medical information addressed to practitioners and pharmacists.  Guna Inc., is the sister company of Guna S.p.a. 

Guna S.p.a. is a leading Italian GMP manufacturer and distributor of top-quality health products in the Integrative & Alternative Medicine field, with a strong focus on research.

Guna, Inc.

3724 Crescent Court West 

Whitehall, PA 18052

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Phone – 484-223-3500

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are based upon homeopathic principles.

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